69 is the new 20

Johan and Thariza Janse van Rensburg

I am thankful that I am able to do a larger variety of physical activities and movements than many of my friends in the same age group, and I am humbled by this. I started engaging in Pilates classes from the age of sixty four (64), and since the age of sixty nine (69) I have been attending MAP classes with Lené. I am convinced that MAP classes have made it possible for me to partake in activities such as surfing, touching my toes, doing a summersault with my 5-year-old grandchild, and many other fun activities.

Recently while surfing at an Hermanus beach, I injured my back. Some of the vertebrae got “locked” at times, making life somewhat uncomfortable. Needless to say, I did not have to take any pain or anti-inflammatory medication and could return to surfing a week after the incident. 
This has been proof to me once again, when my body recuperated so swiftly, that MAP Movement classes have indeed improved my function and flexibility. I also believe that the breathing exercises make it possible for me to hold my breath for close to a minute, after exhaling.

My wife (same age) experienced pain in her right buttock due to an inflamed hip bursa, to such an extent that she experienced continuous pain and severe difficulty climbing stairs. After receiving various treatments, and a laser guided injection, there seemed to be no improvement. That was when she was referred to Lené. After less than a month of MAP Movement classes, the pain subsided and she had full mobility like before.

As such, Thariza and I are both convinced MAPPERS, after having experienced the benefits personally.

Thank you Lené and congratulations to what you have achieved with your MAP Movement training!
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