Hope and Healing

Lana Croucamp
This is Lana Croucamp’s story, one of hope and healing. Thank you for sharing this beautiful testimony with us my friend!!

“I started MAP 8 years ago. Burnt out and in chronic pain so bad, my husband had to help me get dressed and bathed at night after an accident. I struggled with post traumatic stress symptoms and couldn’t even tell physical and emotional pain apart. I still remember not being able to do even one single pelvic lift. (One of the 5 MAP Movements.)

The first two years of MAP had me in frequent tears. The fascia releases and movement through ranges that scared my closed-up body actually triggered an amazing journey of deep inner healing for me.

As my body got stronger, I went from seeing a Chiropractor 3 x a week for pain management, to doing a full MAP session 2 x a week!! Crying, yes, but healing even though it felt slow and overwhelming for a long time – MAP also brought enough immediate relief that I could keep going.

I recently needed the Chiro again for the 1st time in 2 years – but this time it was because I had been horse riding with my kids!! I’m so grateful for this incredible tool in my life. Thank you for MAP… it’s one of the greatest gifts my family could have hoped for. I can love, live, go horse riding with my family, work to express my passions and gifts because I’ve learnt to breathe and move through pain and into healing.”
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