Just keep moving

Marise Stander
My whole life I was used to being active and I even finished 5 Two Ocean Marathons, and one Comrades Marathon.

However, lower back pain was a part of my daily living. On 8 October 2007, I was hospitalised due to pain and diagnosed with L4/5 disc degeneration. I was unable to stand and walk upright.

On the 10th of December 2007, I was operated and received an L4/5 disc replacement.

Eventually, the scar tissue from this operation caused a lack of mobility, and a whole different list of injuries developed. I especially struggled with the alignment of my hips.

I was one of Lené’s first MAP clients and could really find the MAP Movement classes improving my mobility and spinal rotation.

Since starting MAP Movement classes, I developed a new life motto:
“Just keep moving and breathe….”.

With all the self-myofascial releasing and empowering skills I was taught in MAP, I needed Physiotherapy treatment less and less.

Today I am a competitive race walker and completed the Camino de Santiago in 2019 with my husband, PAIN-FREE!

John Wooden has this saying:
“If we fail to adapt, we fail to move forward”
MAP Movement: Move whenever you can. Move before you can’t!
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