Long live MAP

Karien van Deventer
I started MAP Movement with Carien Middlemost during 2018, a year before my hip replacement! I was actually referred to her by the physio who was treating my neck at the time, for migraines which I suffered from. I phoned Carien and asked if I could join her ‘Pilates’ classes, but she told me that she is now teaching something much better!

As a sportsperson who changed to swimming when I turned 50, I neglected my stretching entirely. I mentioned to her that I do not mind what she is teaching, but that I need to loosen up and try to do something about the continued migraines, as well as the hip that is getting more and more stuck.

What a revelation and a pleasure the MAP Movement turned out to be! I am now 62 years old. I also taught aerobics in my younger years and participated in aerobic competitions, cycled the Argus five times, as well as participated in the Midmar Mile (six times)! I even swam the Sabrina 6km open-water sea swim in Plettenberg Bay twice.

MAP opened up my entire body. I can stretch. I can breathe. I have knowledge about fascia, the psoas as well as about the central line and how just everything, from your toe to your sculp, is connected! I am so excited about the discovery of MAP Movement in my life! I had a hip replacement done during May 2019, but was back at MAP Movement the August of 2019. AND I swam the Sabrina ocean swim that December!

The surgeon mentioned during 2019 that my other hip would also need replacement soon. Two and a half years later, and I am still not due for another replacement, which I believe is due to a stronger hip joint, stronger gluteus muscles and a stronger body overall, thanks to MAP Movement. I am still scoring a few more years with this hip.

After each MAP Movement class, it feels as if my body has had a ‘service’!

Over weekends, I do trail walks with Heidi, my German Shepherd and where possible, we swim together! We are also a group of walkers who all do MAP Movement, and we are actually the ‘Sisterhood of MAP’. I wish that every friend of mine can discover MAP, to open up, strengthen the joints and prepare themselves properly for their more advanced years to come.

Long Live MAP!
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