Make time for your health

Tani Grobler
Lené has a saying, if you don’t make time for your health you will need to make time for your illness…

True story!

September 2019 I was diagnosed with breast cancer, the biggest blessing I never wanted!

After a round of chemo sessions I opted for surgery first before continuing with chemo again. I had a Lumpectomy.

I have 2 scars, one under the left arm where they took out lymph nodes and one under my left breast, very close to my rib area.

The one thing they do not tell you after surgery is the limitation of movement that you will experience.

To give you an idea, for 3 weeks I could not get dressed with out help.

Two weeks after the surgery I started with physio. If you ever had physio with Lené or Riana I do not have to say more 🤣

There might have been a few swear words 😂

But, I could move…

Receiving a second round of chemo sessions, I experienced stiffness on the left side of my ribs, as if I was stuck. I had discomfort in my rib area on the left side and I noticed that I struggled to keep my left arm down on the ground when I was in a sit-up position.

I resumed MAP in June 2020, what a blessing! And slowly but surely, the discomfort I felt in my rib area improved.

But here’s the WOW moment… 2 weeks ago we did the consertina class. We did a check list at the beginning of the class and my left arm was up in the air again while laying on my back with my hands behind my head.

Did the class and we did a checklist again to see if there was improvement…

My arm was flat on the ground!!!!!!!!!!

Have you ever watched the movie Incredibles? In the movie Mr Incredible ask the little boy on his bike what he is waiting for and he answers “SOMETHING AMAZING 🤩 “.

And this is how I feel before a MAP class, looking at Lené and waiting for something AMAZING!!!
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