MAP enthusiast

Hallo, my name is Alna van der Walt and I am 53 years old. My MAP adventure started 5 years ago!

For years now, it has been a passion of mine to walk long-distance hiking trails. Unfortunately, my ankles were injured due to the pebbles at ‘lighthouse’. I was heart-broken because of this. I started with MAP Movement after the incident.

Since MAP has been part of my life, I have already completed a 100km walk in the Cape Region, as well as a 120km part of the ‘Camino de Santiago’. I even completed four ‘Sunrise to Sunset’ 100km hiking trails, named the Magalies Biosphere Women’s Walk! That means I have walked 7 x 100km distances!

This got me so excited, that I am now also arranging walking trails for other ladies!

I do morning stretches (pandiculation) with my MAP enthusiasts, and feel like a skilled MAP instructor!

I am planning my next hike, a 100km distance in Jeffreys Bay during September 2021. In the mean-time, MAP is keeping me busy. Flexibility and power is the key to success, should any person want to complete a 100km hike in a 4-day-span. Taking into account the ‘off road’ terrain these routes are located in!

I am a grandma of a 2-year old, and I can crawl around on the floor with my grandson while playing! This really excites me!
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