MAP Journey

Soraja Greunen
When I started with MAP in 2016, I suffered severely from regular migraines and headaches. This was partly due to constant postural tension in my back and neck, as well as hormonal causes. By then I had undergone five gynaecological surgeries of which one was a laparotomy.

Surgery caused weakness in my abdominal muscles, leading to limited functionality. MAP Movement classes helped me strengthen my core and the frequency of my migraines decreased dramatically.

Knowlegde is truly power.

On this MAP journey Lené taught me about my body, being an amazing God-created machine. I became empowered and equipped to recognize triggers at the onset of a migraine. I can DO something about it myself, which in turn saves a lot of money that I used to spend on different kinds of treatments. Through MAP Movement fascia releases I have also experienced several emotional releases. MAP Movement made me aware of my own body, teaching me about muscles and fascia structures I never knew I had.

How can we use something we aren’t even aware of? These classes have improved my posture and increased my functionality, enabling me to do what life requires of me. BUT, most of all MAP lets me connect to the Tree of life, Jesus Christ, in a unique way. I am forever grateful.
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