Miracles through MAP

Marise Stander

I have an exceptionally short upper body and stiff hips and thighs. I struggled to sit comfortably on the floor. Cross-legged was impossible and my hips were very uncomfortable. I started doing MAP when a friend invited me to a session at her house. After participating for about 3 months I moved away from that area and heard of Lené starting a new group close to home. I joined that group and what happened to my body from 63 onward was miraculous.

Stiff hips relaxed. My concertina sides have lengthened. My sciatic pain has disappeared. I have gained 4 cm in height again and I can do hikes without my hips becoming extremely painful. My balance has improved dramatically, I can stand on one leg for minutes on end and catch myself from falling when hiking on uneven terrain.

During my time with MAP, I had an extremely hard fall in the Magaliesberg where I tore 3 rotator cuff ligaments and had to have them surgically attached again. I was severely limited with what I could do after the operation. 3 years later I can join the 2 minute Plank challenge and do Spiral lift tests with ease. Even my hips can extend far forward during the Spiral lift.

I still struggle with alignment because I have scoliosis and kyphosis. This caused degeneration of my right knee’s cartilage and knee cap. I thus need a knee replacement but watch this space.

I am Mapping with Lené and Christien and hoping to become functional enough not to have the operation at 69, or ever.
If you see me doing knee boxes to the left, you will know MAP and I have done it‼️
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