Mobilise what’s already there

Ingrid Trusler
Some years back I decided to start swimming competitively again. It was quite an adjustment for the 60 year old body to get really fit. I now enjoy Masters Swimming and even managed a few SA records and SA colours for open water swimming.
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Training for the open water swimming
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Swimming event – I am the one in front with the pink cap.
A supplement to my training has been my MAP Movement classes with Christien over the past few years. After my first MAP class I was exhausted and realised that there was some deep down inactivity that needed to be mobilized. MAP Movement teaches one to work from breath, which you do a lot of when swimming. This has helped me enormously with rotation and increased pace.

MAP is now a key part of my swimming training. Personally, I am grateful for MAP as I feel more energic which one needs for grandchildren time 😊.
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