So much more than strengthening the core.

Lesley Kruger
I started with MAP in July 2020 and have been enjoying a year of moving, rehabilitating, ungluing myself and getting my body’s optimal function back! I pursued MAP movement after my podiatrist recommended it to me. I had injured my achilles tendon and had always had ‘flat feet’ during my school years playing sport and doing athletics.

My podiatrist said all my muscles, especially my hamstrings, were very tight and so, one thing affected the other. A few years ago, whilst I was running, I pulled a tendon in my hip and had some issues with my knees.

I know now, after learning about it through MAP, that it’s all connected.

MAP is absolutely fascinating! To understand how pain in one area affects another area is incredible! I had been absolutely overjoyed in experiencing how MAP directly helped to release my trigger points in my back, neck and jaw. I had dealt with daily headaches, terrible shoulder pain and jaw clenching. I had terrible lower back pain upon going to sleep. It turned sleeping and resting into a nightmare, waking me up.

I ended up just getting up at whatever time and just start my work day. Being in my early 30s, I felt my body should really not be in such a bad state! I’ve heard several times from different people that my “core” was very weak, which it was. It still seemed as though doing a million sit ups still didn’t help me at all. So, when I found out about MAP, it was an absolute God-send! It attended directly to my situation to set my aching body free.

Just the other day, I suddenly realised and mentioned to my husband that I had not complained of lower back pain in such a long time. This issue had resolved because of MAP. Slowly, methodically, as I did my class with Christelle every week, my body had done all the correct and safe strengthening that it needed. In response to that it sorted out my “weak core”. I’m so grateful for the understanding MAP has brought regarding my core. How it runs as a line through my body and even includes my big toe!

Starting MAP was an absolute destiny decision for me. I cannot explain how grateful I am for improving daily and becoming a strong MAP student. Thank you to Christelle and to the MAP Movement instructors at large. I’m getting my health, healing and longevity back bit by bit every week!
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