My increased bone density

René Strydom
Yes, that’s correct. MAP improved my bone density and I have the radiologist’s reports as proof.

When I was diagnosed with osteopenia at the age of 39 I was not surprised. Osteoporosis runs in our family. All 6 bone mineral density markers were classified as osteopenia, which indicates a very serious risk of developing osteoporosis. Since then, I have been diligently taking calcium supplements twice a day and prescription medication infrequently.

Eleven years later, I received mixed, but mostly negative results. My spine marker was classified as osteoporosis and although the rest were still osteopenia, the scores decreased across the board, except for a very slight improvement in my left hip. Not good news.

Then I started doing MAP twice, sometimes three times a week under the leadership of Carien Middlemost. This was the only big change in my lifestyle. I can clearly remember the day I opened my latest bone density report 3 years later, holding my breath and expecting the inevitable – osteoperosis across all markers. I could not believe my eyes.

Although the overall classification remained osteopenia:
my spine marker’s classification improved from osteoporosis to osteopenia
my fermoral left neck is normal!
the majority of the scores increased
With MAP my bone density has definitely improved over 3 years.
I have dodged osteoporosis and am beating osteopenia.
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