No pain no gain, right?

My name is Leon I am 53 and I started having severe lower back pain at the age of 42. I have tried all sorts of remedies including spinal infiltration and not to mention thousands of rands worth of pain killers. It got so bad that I ended up being depressed and irritable. My psychologist suggested MAP Movement classes.

I started with MAP sessions in August 2021 and I cannot believe that it has only been 3 months of an hour session per week. 

Previously I have tried “stretching” exercises suggested by a physio therapists but found the pain too severe to even do 10 mins a day. This is where the whole MAP Movement ethos helped me to commit and move forward. It is with baby steps and a true understanding of how everything connects with the brain that I have been freed from the shackles of ‘no pain no gain’.

The best part about Map is that a little goes a long way: the Map trainers understanding and non judgemental sharing of knowledge and techniques has made it possible for me to actually start looking forward to the next session. It feels incredible to wake up in the morning without excruciating lower back ache and a growing awareness of when my posture is not supporting me but pulling me into pain.

Thank you, Christelle vd Walt and Sarie-Louise Freeman.
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