Fascia en Bekkenpijn

In this course we discuss the first of the five MAP Movements, namely Breath.

We take you through different positions in which your breathing can be evaluated.

Breathing is but one of the five MAP Movements, but indeed the most important one.

We use the five MAP Movements as diagnostic and therapeutic tools when evaluating movement and addressing injuries or pain.
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Lené & Christien

Christien is a qualified physiotherapist and began her movement journey as a Reebok group trainer and BASI mat work instructor in 2000. As co- founder of MAP movement she incorporates her years of experience with fascia knowledge and research. Her main focus is to motivate people to move from the fear of pain to freedom of movement, with the aim to change chronic pain patterns such as lower back and neck pain through movement.

Lené is a qualified physiotherapist and the owner of a physiotherapy practise. She was born in South Africa but now resides in the Netherlands where she opened the first MAP Movement studio in Europe. Her fields of interest include sport rehabilitation, movement education and breath re-training. Working with athletes and enhancing their performance is a true passion of hers, and therefore finding a solution to chronic recurrent injuries in athletes takes high priority. This motivated her to do research abroad and delve deeper into the world of fascia. 
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