Qualified Trainer Fundamentals 2024

A dynamic and interactive course exploring the “fascia-nating” world of fascia within the language of MAP Movement.

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Course Cancelation Policy
Cancellation before 1 November 2023, you will forfeit 50% of the course fee.
Cancellation after 1 November 2023, you will forfeit 100% of the course fee.

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Pretoria, South Africa

Online Study Date

10 Jan 2024

In-person Training Date

1-3 Feb 2024

Final Exam (Online)




Why should I take this course?

MAP fills the gap between where movement is and where movement should be.

MAP aims to overcome and fill the gap, connecting the dots by applying The 5 MAP Movements and principles. 
Dr Robert Schleipp from the Fascial Research Society said that in the “everywhereness”of fascia it became the Cinderella tissue. It’s the part of the body that everyone ignored because it seemed so common and yet, it should be central to the story. It’s this “everywhereness” that makes fascia difficult to define.  
The heart makes sense as a pump. The kidneys make sense as filters. Fascia seems to be unstructured gooey glue that has no real form, and yet, it is the essence of structural integrity. 

How then do we connect the dots between what we know and what we can practically apply? How do we go from knowing to doing since it is in this gap where change takes place. 

Benefits of this course

Grow your own business

Upon qualification you will receive the MAP Movement logo that you can apply according to set terms and conditions. This will assist you in building your own business within the generous support given by MAP Movement. Terms and conditions to usage of the brand and logo do apply.

Unique Skillset

The 5 MAP Movements are unique and original in their design. They are applied both as a tool for evaluation as well as treatment of self-myofascial release and strength. Therefore these movements are referred to as being both diagnostic and therapeutic in nature.

Movement therapy, not manual therapy

Learn a safe approach to fascia without the limitations that hands-on therapy bring. This broadens the scope of your approach to fascia by making online sessions possible in not having to apply “a license to touch”.

CPD Points

Upon completion of this course you will receive 28 CPD points.
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What's included?

  • Pre-course online Fundamentals
  • 3 day In-person training
  • Online mentoring and exam period of 6 - 8 weeks 
  • Exam Fees
  • Basic membership upon qualifying as a MAP trainer 

Annual Membership

Upon qualifying as a MAP Movement trainer you will be given access to trainer membership for the remainder of the MAP Movement calendar year. Renewal of Qualified MAP Movement trainer memberships are due on 1 March each year. 

Trainer Community

Remain in touch with your MAP Movement co-founders as well a broader community of MAP trainers through a mentorship program.
Terms and Conditions
  • The completion of the pre-course online Fundamental material and online questionnaire is compulsory before you attend the 3-day in-person course
  • Upon completion of the online and 3-day in-person training you are NOT yet a qualified MAP movement trainer
  • Should you want to qualify you will go through a mentoring and exam period of 6-8 weeks
  • Should you fail to pass your first exam there will be extra cost involved for re-examination
  • The basic membership upon qualifying is valid until 1 March of the following calendar year.

Lené & Christien

Lené is a qualified physiotherapist and the owner of a physiotherapy practise. She was born in South Africa but now resides in the Netherlands where she opened the first MAP Movement studio in Europe. Her fields of interest include sport rehabilitation, movement education and breath re-training. Working with athletes and enhancing their performance is a true passion of hers, and therefore finding a solution to chronic recurrent injuries in athletes takes high priority. This motivated her to do research abroad and delve deeper into the world of fascia. 

Christien is a qualified physiotherapist and began her movement journey as a Reebok group trainer and BASI mat work instructor in 2000. As co- founder of MAP movement she incorporates her years of experience with fascia knowledge and research. Her main focus is to motivate people to move from the fear of pain to freedom of movement, with the aim to change chronic pain patterns such as lower back and neck pain through movement.
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